Lucy Liu..

The Fourth Kind...why Milla choose it?

Tina Fey...Mature Lady & Performance

Gran Torino 2008 ..starting Clint Eastwood

Adrianne Palicki..nice role in G.I.Joe

The Girl Next Door (2004) ...Elisha Cuthbert

Olivia Thirlby...the American beauty

Léon: The Professional...professional movie 1994

Shailene Woodley ..young and good performance

Black Swan 2010 .. who like it?

Keira Knightley

Forrest you remember it?

Genesis Rodriguez

City of God ..2002 Crazy Movie

Kerry Washington...Sexy Lady

The Perfect 2004 Score perfect

Jessica Paré..attractive lady

Van Helsing...2004 nice

Olivia Munn..very sexy woman!

The Matrix ...the first in 1999

Christina Hendricks...

The Departed...i like it 2006

Emma Watson...

Fight Club..1999!

Cobie Smulders..Classy!

Chinatown (1974 film)...nice movie

Sarah Silverman....Sexy but?

2010 The Social Network...but we think not true!

Kate Upton..can act?

The Silence of the Lambs ...need to watch it?

Amanda Righetti of the sexiest woman!

Superman Returns..waiting for the second one?

Maggie-Q..must perform more!

I, Robot ...average rate?

Salma Hayek...what a lady!

real story 2010 film: 127 Hours

Moon Bloodgood

Nicolas Cage in Knowing 2009

Classy woman: Emma Stone

Oldboy (2003 film)

Bryce Dallas Howard..What a beautiful eyes

2002 Equilibrium nice movie

Claire Danes

Alison Lohman..need a chance!


Drag Me to Hell..nice movie of 2009

Victoria Justice...very beautiful

Young Adult... nice to watch

Sophia Myles

keep remember Tristan & Isolde 2006

Taissa Farmiga...young and good performance

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