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Mr. pedagogue could be a talking dog United Nations agency is that the smartest being within the world. As a puppy, he was rejected by each potential owner, leading him to devote his life to science, athletics, and technological discoveries. One day, pedagogue finds Associate in Nursing baby and lawfully adopts him underneath the name of Sherman. He tutors Sherman through a series of adventures throughout history with the utilization of the WABAC, a machine and his greatest invention.

once narrowly escaping the French Revolution, Sherman starts his 1st day of college and falls into conflict with class fellow Penny Peterson, United Nations agency he innocently showed up in history category together with his 1st hand data of President Washington. Penny bullies and humiliates Sherman, insulting vocation him a "dog" for being raised by one, that provokes Sherman into biting her. pedagogue visits Principal Purdy regarding the matter, however is confronted by Ms. Grunion, a intolerant Children's Services agent United Nations agency threatens to reclaim Sherman if Associate in Nursing coming home scrutiny is deemed unfit for him.

Peabody invitations the Petersons over for a night meal to fix fences between the youngsters. whereas pedagogue charms Paul and Patty, Sherman is left with Penny. Sherman reveals the WABAC to Penny once she calls him a prevaricator regarding his 1st hand data and that they joyride in it, despite Peabody's warnings. Moments later, Sherman seeks Peabody's facilitate to retrieve Penny, United Nations agency refused to go away her engagement with King Tutankhamun in Ancient Egypt. Penny learns that she's going to be killed upon Tut's early death and is dragged to the marriage whereas pedagogue and Sherman ar treed during a topographic point. They escape and impersonate the god Anubis to decision off the marriage. Their cowl is blown at the last second, however they escape within the WABAC along side Penny.With the WABAC low on energy, the 3 stop in Renaissance Florence to hunt aid of engineer da Vinci. whereas pedagogue and engineer build a device to recharge the WABAC, Penny convinces Sherman to explore Leonardo's workshop along with her and that they bond by mistreatment Leonardo's flying machine while not permission. They crash-land with engineer is excited that the machine worked and pedagogue angry by Sherman's disobedience. Returning to the current, Penny reveals Ms. Grunion's intention of reclaiming Sherman. Associate in Nursing argument ensues between pedagogue and Sherman whereas the WABAC attracts close to a region. They escape however crash-land within the warfare, wherever Associate in Nursing upset Sherman runs away to hitch King Agamemnon's army. once pedagogue and Penny come back to retrieve him, they realize themselves within the battle and Penny becomes treed within the computer virus because it races toward to drop. during a rescue try, Sherman and Penny ar saved, however pedagogue seems to own gone down with the horse and is probable  dead.

Desperate to save pedagogue, Sherman and Penny come back to the current minutes before Sherman came the primary time to urge pedagogue to remedy true. However, the current copies of pedagogue and Sherman show up, along side Ms. Grunion. Grunion tries to reclaim each Shermans, that causes them, along side the copies of pedagogue to merge along and disrupt the space-time. Grunion makes another try at reclaiming Sherman, pain him within the method, that causes Associate in Nursing angry pedagogue to revert to his natural instinct and bite her. As Grunion informs police, Peabody, Sherman, and Penny fly the coop to the WABAC, however ar unable to travel back in time as many historic figures and monuments rain into the current. The WABAC eventually crashes and pedagogue is comprehended by Animal management, United Nations agency set up on euthanizing him for assaulting Grunion. Sherman protects by explaining that everything that happened is his fault and declares that he would otherwise be a dog nearly as good as pedagogue than someone. stirred by his speech, each historical figure concurs, as well as the Petersons. President Washington, Chief Executive, and Chief Executive support Peabody's legal custody of Sherman and award him a presidential pardon.
When a vortex within the space-time rips open, Sherman pilots the WABAC whereas pedagogue handles the computations assuming to travel the long run by a number of minutes and undo the harm successfully. The historical figures and monuments come back to their various times, with a smitten Agamemnon dragging Grunion with him, the latter swearing retaliation on pedagogue. though it seems pedagogue and Sherman ar lost, they come back impromptu because the Petersons look on and celebrate. Sherman, nearer to pedagogue than ever, returns to highschool wherever he has become a noticeable young man to Penny. Meanwhile, time periods ar contaminated with fashionable traits and Grunion marries Agamemnon.

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