10 Badass Movies Female Gangs

Bad girl films have always inspired me. And in exploitation movies there's nothing more fun than girl gang flicks. There, the filmmakers could push all the sex, violence and hard-boiled dialogue and disguise it as feminism while actually titillating drive-in audiences. 

One beautifully honest scene features the girls treating themselves to a night in a hotel using stolen funds. It’s peppered with sincerity as they dance and sing wildly to Rihanna’s "Diamonds" with a spirit that is contagious. We all want to shine bright like diamonds, and when you’re young, fitting in is as important as breathing.

Girlhood gives these young ladies a voice and is captured with a thoughtful understanding of their struggles. The bond between girls (and women) is something special and complex. In honor, let’s revisit the best girl gangs in film.


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